Job: VP Corporate Legal

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Title VP Corporate Legal
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Categories Legal Jobs
Salary 60lakhs per annum
Total Yrs Of Experience Required 10-15 years
Start Date 2018-01-23
End Date 2018-02-23
Job Location Bangalore
Job Description
Reporting to GEB, CEO Location Bangalore
Reportee Jobs Company Secretary

AGM – Legal

Job Objective To lead and direct the legal function in order to ensure effective management of legal, contractual and compliance matters. Support identification and mitigation of legal risks for Karle investments and operations

To secure litigation free properties with clear titles through effective management of all legal and compliance matters and ensure its smooth handover to the customer

Perspectives Key Responsibilities
Strategic ·         Play the role of a key influencer in industry interest group thereby enabling Karle to have a say in shaping of Government policies with respect to Real Estate

·         Provide legal support to leadership in policy formulation for the company

·         Develop guidelines to manage contracts effectively so as to minimize exposure of Karle to claims and litigation

·         Build rapport and develop sustainable relationships with the land owners which would aid in further property acquisition from or through them

·         Build and maintain relationships with recognized external advocates from a long-term perspective to ensure cost effective and preferential services for Karle

·         Survey the environment to keep abreast of changes in the regulatory framework, legal formalities and compliances pertaining to the Real Estate industry; provide inputs to the Top Management to capitalize on emerging opportunities and trends

·         Provide functional guidance to ensure standardization of Legal practices; act as the final authority on all decisions with respect to the Legal matters across the organization

Operational ·         Coordinate with the Government & Regulatory Authorities for obtaining sanctions & licenses

·         Keep track of existing laws and changes to laws governing urban and rural land development. Help the leadership in capitalizing on any emerging opportunities for the benefit of the organization

·         Guide the Leadership in interpretation of local by-laws and rules while entering into any land deal

·         Review, negotiate and finalize documents (MOU, Joint Development Agreement, Lease Deed, Sales Deed, Space Sharing Agreement, Agreement to Sell, Agreement to Build etc.) from a legal perspective, ensuring minimal / no risk to Karle

·         Resolve any contractual issues developed while working with clients, JV partners, sub-contractors, contract employees, vendors, service providers etc.

·         Drive timely Brand registration and renewals to shield the Karle Brand from risk (fraud, piracy etc.) under Trade Marks, Patents Acts

·         Work closely with Bankers to obtain project approvals by providing required documentation support; coordinate with Marketing Department for additional documentation (if required)

·         Identify and empanel external legal counsels and consultants for various jobs as and when required

·         Work closely with external advocates to finalize pleadings to be filed before the relevant courts; provide necessary guidance to Managers to present the evidence before the court

·         Evaluate land records and conduct a thorough due diligence for all deals and transactions; highlight concern areas / gaps and recommend risk mitigation strategies / options

·         Work closely with the Liaison Department to ensure timely completion of the conversion process / land usage and Khatha transfer / clubbing / bifurcation related activities

·         Drive circulation of information / legal updates (latest amendments, gazette notifications, government orders etc.) to all concerned departments / employees in Karle to ensure  that everybody is well informed

·         Lead the development of a mechanism to check and  counter-check adherence to legal/ statutory compliances across all the departments and regions

·         Lead the development of a database of Land owners, Advocates and Project specific details (residential, commercial and retail); continuously update the same

·         Track and foresee impending legal risks across and develop timely interventions to prevent  business loss

·         Ensure timely and efficient coordination with business partners for gaining clarity on all issues of disputes and policy interpretation

·         Provide timely support to Internal Departments on all legal related matters; standardize the protocols for legal support and control processes across Karle

Financial ·         Minimize penalties due to oversight / errors in legal and compliance matters pertaining to land acquisition

·         Minimize monetary losses due to project delays due to pending litigation

·         Prepare Annual Budget for the department and obtain management approval

·         Monitor the budget utilization; study and analyse any deviation from budget and take corrective action, as required

People ·         Actively participate in recruitment of senior roles within the Department

·         Undertake performance management for Departmental staff / personnel

·         Assess and fulfil training and career development requirements

·         Foster an environment of learning, excellence and innovation within all aspects of team work

·         Mentor and coach subordinates to develop the team’s capabilities

·         Play an active role in ensuring role clarity and establishing value orientation in employees



Perspective / Key Focus Areas Key Result Areas (KRAs) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Execution Excellence Financials ·         % reduction in cost escalations due to legal liabilities/cost due to inaccuracy of in legal validations/legal non-compliance etc.
Delivery ·         % adherence to timelines for:

– Completing legal due diligence/registration for new land acquisition

-Vetting of various documents/ agreements shared with external parties

Quality ·         Number of out of court settlements as a percentage of total litigation cases
Innovation New Ideas ·         Number of new ideas generated from the team
Benefits Realization ·         Benefits realized from implementation of initiatives in the legal department
People Management Engaged Workforce ·         Employee engagement index for team

·         % adherence to timelines for completion of performance management related processes for self and team

Employee Capability Building ·         Target vs. Actual no. of Training man-days for team



Qualification ·         Masters in Law / Business Law
Experience ·         10 – 15 years of experience with at least 5 years’ experience in the Legal Function within the Real Estate industry


External Interface Internal Interface
  • Land Owners / Customers / Tenants / Associations
  • External Advocates / Legal Counsels & Consultants
  • Government & Statutory Bodies / Authorities
  • Banks / Financial Institutions
  • Customers and Business partners
·       CEO

·       All Function / Business Heads


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